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Most In Demand Jobs in Canada for 2023 Read and Apply For Free

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Most In Demand Jobs in Canada for 2023: Canada has a great job market right now. Employment numbers blew past estimates, rising to more than 153,000 in November 2021. But we don’t just want a job or a good job for today. We look to the future to see what jobs are still in demand in 2022 and beyond. Work in a required field can provide job security. It also allows us to change companies more quickly if we are seeking a higher salary or a different work environment. Overall, there is little downside to working in an increasingly in-demand role. But there are a lot of benefits.

This article contains seven in-demand job areas for 2022. It explains why nurses, network administrators, cybersecurity professionals, truck drivers, customer service personnel, and administrative professionals continue to be in demand.

Most In Demand Jobs in Canada for 2022

Most In Demand Jobs in Canada for 2022

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Administrative Assistants :Most In Demand Jobs in Canada for 2023

As companies move away from the office, they need additional administrative staff to accommodate the switch. This can include data entry, setup facilitation, or various HR tasks. Management professionals tend to be professionals, who can complete tasks that do not fit into the roles and duties of others.

Network and IT support administrators : Most In Demand Jobs in Canada for 2023

Remote work is the status quo now. But it is not easy for companies to ensure that all of their employees have a properly working home setup and effective video conferencing software. This is why IT professionals are in demand more than ever. Companies need additional IT staff to help their employees perform daily projects remotely.

Remote working leads to more complexity with additional needs such as VPNs and new software that better facilitate digital interactions. These also require IT support to set up and maintain them.

Cyber ​​security specialists : Most In Demand Jobs in Canada for 2023

Similar to IT professionals, remote work creates new cybersecurity risks. Although a large company may have protected its office networks with the latest security software, people are now working from home. Home wi-fi settings do not provide employees with the same level of security as office wi-fi.

That is why there is a growing demand for cyber security professionals who can bridge the gap between office cyber security and home cyber security. This ultimately prevents hackers from finding vulnerabilities that result from working at home.

Nurses : Most In Demand Jobs in Canada for 2023

With the outbreak of the epidemic, there is still a shortage of nurses. Provinces like Ontario are already feeling the effects of a weakened nursing workforce due to burnout, resignations and retirement. This is a difficult situation as the need for healthcare workers is higher than ever.

Once we get rid of the epidemic, the demand for nursing professionals will not stop. Canada’s “baby boomers” make up a large portion of the population, and this group is just beginning to reach their early years. As a result, a large number of Canadians will need more medical attention.

Truck drivers : Most In Demand Jobs in Canada for 2023

As customers order more goods online, the demand for delivery staff and truck drivers is increasing. It is likely that even after COVID-19 the trend of online buying will continue. People have become comfortable with ordering online, as they can have anything at their fingertips instead of looking for it in a mall.

Customer service : Most In Demand Jobs in Canada for 2023

There is a huge demand for customer service roles due to the pandemic. Consumers are canceling flights due to new variables, which require calling hotel and air travel call centers for refunds and answers.

The rise in e-commerce use also means that customer service call centers are now fulfilling the services previously offered by retail stores. For example, if we want to ask about a specific product, we may contact the customer service team instead of visiting a retail store.


Many individuals also move into managerial roles because they are available remotely. This is great for someone trying to transition to a remote job due to COVID-19 or other reasons.

There are many benefits to finding a role that is in high demand. This means that you have more influence when you are interviewing for a job or even while working.

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