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New : Almarai Job Vacancy || Jobs In Almarai Company 2021 Free Visa


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Jobs In Almarai Company November  2021 .

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PEOPLE is our most important asset. Recruiting, training and providing the resources needed to meet the requirements of a global food company remains a major priority for Almarai.

The significant growth achieved over the last few years and future growth plans pose many challenges for human resources. Currently, KSA employs approximately 37,000 people. This number is expected to continue to increase. The challenge for the future is to continue to provide an excellent working environment and to continuously hire and retain employees. At Almarai, we also emphasize experience by giving long-term service awards to employees who have been working for 10, 20, or 30 years or more.

Almarai believes that investing in employees is crucial to maintaining a competitive advantage. We believe in creating a learning organization that provides individuals with the opportunity to develop their abilities and play an effective role. In addition to a comprehensive implementation program, training and development efforts can help you reach your business goals. We also place importance on raising employee awareness of safety and health issues, and provide appropriate training.

Jobs in almarai company

Jobs in Almarai company


 Here are Some post of Vacancies 

Post LocationAction
Product ManagerRiyad, Saudi ArabiaApply Now
Payroll Supervisor (Corporate)Riyad, Saudi Arabia Apply Now
Senior Unit Manager (Farming)Riyad, Saudi Arabia Apply Now
Technical Trainer (Manufacturing)Riyad, Saudi Arabia Apply Now
Senior Training Specialist (Corporate)Saudi Arabia  –  Al Kharj Apply Now
Transport Coordinator (Transport & Logistics)Saudi Arabia  –  Al Kharj Apply Now
Senior Health, Safety & Security Advisor (Sales)Saudi Arabia  –  Buraidah Apply Now
General Sales Manager (Sales)Riyad, Saudi Arabia Apply Now
Engineering Manager – Refrigeration (Poultry)Saudi Arabia  –  Hail Apply Now
Project EngineerSaudi Arabia  –  Hail Apply Now
Business Development Executive (Sales)Saudi Arabia  –  Buraidah Apply Now
Dairy Technologist (Manufacturing)Saudi Arabia  –  Buraidah Apply Now
Agronomist (Farming)Al Kharj Apply Now
Veterinarian I (Farming)Saudi Arabia  –  Buraidah Apply Now
Business Development Executive (Sales)Saudi Arabia  –  Buraidah Apply Now
Senior Health, Safety & Security Advisor (Sales)Al Kharj Apply Now
Project EngineerSaudi Arabia  –  HailApply Now

How do you apply Jobs In Almarai Company ?

Select the job listing you are interested in and click Apply.
Please provide a profile that contains as much information as possible to support your application.
Please apply with the latest resume and cover letter attached.

Do I need to apply for Jobs In Almarai Company ?

Yes, I need it.
You need to apply for a specific vacant seat in order for your candidate to be evaluated for the post you are interested in.

How many positions can I apply for Jobs In Almarai Company ?

It is up to each candidate to identify the responsibilities, abilities and qualifications required of a particular post before deciding whether to apply for the post they are looking for.
If you rush to apply for an apparently unqualified job, your credibility may be compromised.

Can I apply for the general public?

can not.
We do not accept general applications. Only applications for vacant seats that are advertised will be evaluated.

What should I write on my resume for Jobs In Almarai Company ?

Your resume should include a detailed background on your personal, educational, and professional background.
This includes general information such as contact information, address, educational background, and language.

Your resume will be used to assess your suitability for the job category, as well as to assess your suitability for other posts within Almarai.

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Do I have to fill out a profile and attach a resume and cover letter with each application?

After filling out your profile and attaching your resume, you will be prompted to save it to your system.
If you want to modify or add experience, skills, competencies, etc., you can edit them as needed.

What are the steps in the hiring process? How can I find out about my application status?

Candidates who apply for a job will receive a confirmation email indicating that the application has been accepted.
If you are a candidate for a job and find it suitable for further consideration, we will contact you for an interview.

Candidates interviewed will usually be notified of the selection results approximately 14 days later.
Applicants can check the status of the jobs they have applied for at any time on the Almarai Career website.


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  1. Mohammad Guddu says

    My Name is :- Mohammad Guddu
    2 Years experience in Saudi Arab
    Market name :- Lulu hyper market, Panda hyper market, Nesto hyper market, Madina hyper market,
    Please Contact 🙏🏻

  2. Md sohag says

    I’m need to job

  3. Mehtab Ahmad khan says

    I am mehtab Ahmad khan form Pakistan

  4. M R M INSHAD says

    I have 3 years expiriense in transportation manager in the company Sri Lanka

  5. M R M INSHAD says

    I have 3 years expiriense in transportation manager in the company Sri Lanka

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  10. Md Saydul islam says

    My name is Sahidul Islam I work in Saudi Arabia
    I would like to join My work age 15 months My work skills Kitchen room Food Akama Miad There are three months

  11. Mohamed Rashad says

    I am Rashad from sri lanka I am looking for a job I have a valuable sri Lankan light vehicle driving license and also more than 8 year experience in a driving field so please give me a chance.

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