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The 5 best business opportunities in Poland

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The 5 best business opportunities in Poland

The 5 best business opportunities in Poland

Discover Poland’s top business opportunities that attract global entrepreneurs! Based on our extensive experience in supporting foreign companies in Poland. here are top 5 best business opportunities in Poland which are  popular sectors among international entrepreneurs:

  • Transport: Find out how to start your transport business in Poland by taking advantage of the ease of obtaining transport permits.
  • Trading: Access the vast European market with a trading company.
  • Construction: Learn the steps to establish your construction company, making the most of liberal access to the Polish labor market.
  • Employment Agency: Open your employment agency and connect talents with opportunities.
  • IT Sector: Start your IT company, benefiting from the absence of monetary regulation.

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Each of these sectors takes advantage of the specific benefits that the Polish jurisdiction offers. For example, transport companies are attracted by the simple process of acquiring transport permits, trading companies are attracted by the broad access to the European market, construction and employment agencies benefit from the liberal approach to the labor market to foreigners, and IT companies enjoy the lack of currency controls.

However, the opportunities to realize business ideas in Poland are not limited only to these sectors. Companies that have been created and developed with our help also include manufacturing plants, hotels, language schools, advertising agencies and more. Embark on your business trip to Poland and discover the endless possibilities that await you!

Law about best business opportunities in Poland

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The ANCR establishes the duty to publish an announcement in the “Monitor Sądowy i Gospodarczy” (the official government bulletin) of the data entered in the National Judicial Register. Other notices and information required by other laws (for example, the CCC and the Code of Civil Procedure) are also subject to this duty. The informative function of the National Judicial Registry is carried out, among other things, by granting the registry court the power of supervision and control. . The court inspects the content of the inscriptions, examines the data and the documents presented as evidence thereof (in terms of their accuracy, as well as formal and material compliance with the law – article 23 ANCR). The court may also impose certain means of coercion on obligated subjects to ensure that appropriate data is provided and recorded.

best business opportunities in Poland

All entities that are classified as commercial entities according to the ANCR and, in principle, carry out business activity must be registered. The registry of associations, other social and professional organizations, foundations and public health institutions collects information relevant to other entities that, due to their type of activity and form of creation, must be registered. These entities may be carrying out business activity, although it is not their main function. Entries in the register of insolvent debtors refer to entities, including commercial entities, that are in a poor financial situation. It also covers persons who, having committed relevant crimes, have been subject to a court order depriving them of the right to carry out a business activity or perform a function, including being part of the management body of a company.

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